How Often is an Acura Tire Rotation Necessary?

Just like your vehicle’s fluids need to be changed, your tires require maintenance too. It isn’t anything involved or complicated, and it’s not expensive either. To make your tires last longer, it just requires a tire rotation from time to time. But how often is it really necessary to have a tire rotation for your Acura car or SUV?

Why Rotate the Tires Anyway?

“All four tires are the same, and they’re all moving on the road at the same speed. Why do they need to be rotated?” The fact is that tires perform different duties depending on where they’re mounted. On a front-wheel drive Acura ILX, for example, the front tires are solely responsible for gripping the road to accelerate but they also perform around 70 percent of the braking. Plus, they do all the steering.  An Acura with Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) handles much differently but the tire wear is surprisingly similar. They perform much the same duty except that the rear tires also assist with traction. What that means for you, the driver, is that the front tires will wear out more quickly than the rear tires. That’s not good, particularly for AWD vehicles, because it can add stress to the drivetrain when the tires are a different tread depth. Ultimately, replacing tires is expensive, so why wouldn’t you try to make them last as long as possible?

How It’s Done

A tire rotation isn’t anything special or complex, but it’s an important Acura maintenance item that must be done right. A mechanic will remove all four wheels from your Acura. The wheels that were on the front will be installed on the rear, and vice versa. The wheel nuts are torqued to the right spec. And, because Acura vehicles have tire pressure monitoring systems, the technician will re-learn the wheel sensors also. 

But When is a Tire Rotation Due?

For most Acura models, a tire rotation should be performed every 7,500 miles, on average. However, today’s models have a Maintenance Minder system built in that will remind you when it’s time to rotate your tires so you don’t have to keep track on your own.  Are you in the Overland Park, Kansas area? If you need maintenance or repairs of any kind for your Acura, Jay Wolfe Acura Overland Park is here for you. Give us a call, book an appointment online, or stop in for fast, accurate service!