Four Reasons to Choose Genuine Acura Parts

Everyone needs new parts for their vehicle at times. You could be tackling your first DIY brake job on your pre-owned Acura TLX, or you want to dress your MDX for success with accessories. Maybe it’s simpler than that, just an oil change you’ll do in your garage at home. You could buy the white

Acura Tire Rotation

How Often is an Acura Tire Rotation Necessary?

Just like your vehicle’s fluids need to be changed, your tires require maintenance too. It isn’t anything involved or complicated, and it’s not expensive either. To make your tires last longer, it just requires a tire rotation from time to time. But how often is it really necessary to have a tire rotation for your

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What are the Top Features for Acura SUVs?

Kelley Blue Book’s ‘Best Value Luxury Brand’ has six current models to choose from. Four of them are Acura cars like the Acura ILX compact luxury sedan, the TLX sports sedan, the RLX full-size luxury car, and the award-winning Acura NSX supercar. But in the vehicle lineup there are also two Acura SUVs to choose

Vehicle Warranty Illustration

Do You Need an Acura Extended Warranty?

The incredibly popular Acura RDX, luxury three-row Acura MDX SUV, the elegant Acura RLX. Deciding to purchase an Acura vehicle is a great stride toward owning a car you’ll love for years to come. Yet, even with a brand that’s recognized among the most reliable, vehicle problems and breakdowns can and do occur. But is

Jay Wolfe Acura Overland Park

Why Choose the Dealership over Private Car Sales

No one likes spending more money than they have to, especially on something that depreciates in value. It only makes sense to do your research and find the right vehicle for you, and at the right price. But used car listings can vary wildly from one seller to the next. More often than not, it’s

2020 Acura RDX

Acura RDX vs BMW X3: Which One Should You Buy?

In the luxury crossover SUV market, there are a handful of good choices. Models like the Audi Q5, the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, the BMW X3, and the Acura RDX battle it out for sales. Which luxury SUV reigns supreme for value, performance, tech options, and driver-assistive features? Let’s look at a comparison between the Acura RDX

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Interior of Acura Vehicle

What Does Powertrain Mean and What is Powertrain Warranty?

When you’re shopping for a new Acura, a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, or a used car of any kind, one term comes up again and again: powertrain. You probably have a vague idea what it’s about, but it’s more important than you might think.  What Is the Powertrain All About? Every vehicle has one. A powertrain

Service Department for Vehicle

Why Choose the Acura Service Department

Is the Acura Service Department Your Best Choice?   Buying a pre-owned car or trading up to the latest new Acura model. Getting your auto service and repair work completed by knowledgeable professionals. Finding high-quality Acura parts and accessories to keep your older SUV working at its best. For Acura owners, it can be a

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Which Acura Cars Are Available?

Which Acura Cars are Currently Available? Are you just not satisfied with the bland, common cars on the market today? For many car makers, it seems like they just carbon-copy the competition. But you want something unique, inspired, and exciting to drive. That’s the difference you’ll find in Acura cars. Models are constantly changing, no

When Is an Acura Brake Fluid Change Required?

Every vehicle owner knows that routine maintenance is the best way to ensure longevity and reliability for their vehicle. That goes for high-quality models like the Acura RDX, ILX, TLX, MDX, and RLX, and especially for high-performance vehicles like the Acura NSX. Likely, you know all about when to change your engine oil. But do

Acura Recognized by KBB as ‘Best Value Luxury Brand’!

Every year, Kelley Blue Book announces their Brand Image Awards. They recognize carmakers based on ‘outstanding achievements in creating and maintaining brand attributes’. Using data from’s annual Brand Watch study, they tip their hat to top automakers in several broad categories. And for the first time ever, Acura has been recognized as the Best