Four Reasons to Choose Genuine Acura Parts

Everyone needs new parts for their vehicle at times. You could be tackling your first DIY brake job on your pre-owned Acura TLX, or you want to dress your MDX for success with accessories. Maybe it’s simpler than that, just an oil change you’ll do in your garage at home. You could buy the white box parts off the shelf at parts stores everywhere. Or, you could visit the dealership to buy OEM Acura parts. But is it worth it to get Genuine Acura Parts? It’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. But if you’re looking for advice, here are four reasons to buy parts made by Acura, from your Acura dealer.

Perfect Fitment

How often have you bought parts for a job on your vehicle only to get started and realize something doesn’t quite fit. Your car’s up on blocks and you’re hitching a ride to the parts store to exchange for the right ones – IF they have them in stock.  When you buy Genuine Acura Parts from an Acura dealer, they’re selected for you based on your car’s VIN number. There’s no second-guessing their fitment or wasting your time running back to the parts counter. As well, you won’t have to grind anything down or ‘finesse’ it into place with a hammer. They’re designed to fit perfectly, just like the original. 

Designed to Last

You never know what you’re getting with off-brand parts or aftermarket suppliers. Sure, they’re listed to be for your Acura but are they made of the same material? Will they stand the test of time?  With some parts like timing belts and drivetrain components, premature failure can cost you thousands. For others, it’s the aggravation of doing the job over. But with Acura auto parts from the dealership, you get the same high-quality components that were used to build your car originally. They’re designed to last.

Backed by Warranty

Did something unexpectedly go wrong after your repair? With Acura, you’re covered. Genuine Acura parts and accessories are warranted against defect by the manufacturer for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. And if your parts are installed by an Acura dealer, both the parts and the labor are covered during that time period.

Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit to choosing Acura parts is for your mental wellbeing. When you’ve maintained and repaired your vehicle with high-grade parts that were designed for it, you don’t have reason to worry. And can’t we all do with a little more peace of mind these days?   In Overland Park, KS, you’ll find every Genuine Acura Part or Accessory you need at Jay Wolfe Acura of Overland Park. Call or visit us to get top-quality components at a great price for all Acura models.