2022 Acura NSX Type S wraps up the model’s production. Order yours now!

You have a chance to get an incredibly special, limited run of the NSX supercar. The upcoming model year will be the final year of production, and it’s going out with a bang: the 2022 Acura NSX Type S.

But there’s a serious sense of urgency if you want one of these special edition supercars. Acura will only make 350 of these cars worldwide and just 300 to be sold in the United States, and you need to place your order starting August 12. The stakes are high, and you could miss out if you wait.

What makes the Acura NSX Type S special?

You’ll have to stay tuned on August 12th to find out all of the details surrounding the Type S variant - that’s when Acura will open up orders and make the specs public. What’s public knowledge already is that the already super-fast and ultra-responsive twin-turbo V6 and Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system will be enhanced for even higher levels of performance.

Expect that unique design cues will be prominent also. Exterior badges and what they’re calling an ‘exclusive aero design’ are promised. Like other models such as the TLX Type S, seat back and floor mats are likely emblazoned with the Type S logo. It’s a numbered edition with a plaque to prove its veracity.

Acura is remaining tight-lipped about additional details, but the quality will remain as high as ever with production coming from the Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio.

What comes next? Acura is so big on performance that you can be sure something else is under development. Maybe it’s an all-electric supercar… you’ll have to wait and see.

What you need to do

First, mark your calendar. Book the day as ‘out of office’ so you don’t miss out on the announcement and when the ordering window opens. Then, visit Acura.com/Type-S on Thursday, August 12th to learn more about the model and place your order.

Want to learn more in the meantime? Acura of Overland Park is your local NSX dealer. Schedule an appointment to view one of these record-setting supercars in person so you can prepare for the 2022 Acura NSX Type S launch on Thursday.

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