Will I Get the Kelley Blue Book Value for My Trade?

Picture this: you’ve chosen the Acura vehicle of your dreams. Maybe it’s the RDX or MDX SUV, TLX or an ILX sedan. You’d sign on the dotted line right now, but you already have a car. You need to trade it in. So, you’re looking online and you research your trade-in value on the Kelley Blue Book site. You’re happy. But when you get to the dealership, is that the price you’ll get for your trade-in? The answer is clear as mud. Maybe. There’s more to trade-in appraisals than an online search. Here’s how your trade valuation is calculated.

Online Research

When you need to find out your car’s trade-in value, one of the first steps the dealership takes is to pull up a baseline. At Jay Wolfe Acura of Overland Park, that information comes from several sources including Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides.  However, there’s more to trade-in pricing than just comparative values. That’s all your Kelley Blue Book value is – a comparison with others that have similar mileage and options. 

Local Market Research

That comparison data isn’t quite complete yet. Another part of the appraisal process is checking your car’s value against similar cars that have sold at local dealer auctions. This is often one of the most accurate ways to get accurate trade-in pricing because it uses real-time data from cars just like yours.

Vehicle Inspection

No trade-in valuation is complete without a physical vehicle inspection. Every vehicle has its own story to tell. Some are in perfect condition for their mileage while others show their age a little more. Some are in awesome working order while others may have minor or serious concerns.  A sales manager will perform a comprehensive inspection to determine where on the scale your vehicle is. It’s something that has to be done in person to eliminate any doubts they may have about your car.    Kelley Blue Book car values are an excellent start, but your true trade-in value could be higher or lower depending on its condition. The best way to get an accurate valuation for your trade? Come see us at Jay Wolfe Acura of Overland Park. You can take your dream car for a test drive while we calculate the top dollar we can give you for your trade-in.